I have put together a great list of IT Works Body Wrap Directions and Tips here that will help you get the most out of your wraps. It is crucial that you follow these simple steps to get the best results from your It Works Wraps. As you read along, please don’t just skim over the content here. You’ll be doing a HUGE disservice to yourself. Follow everything, exactly as I have presented it out for you here. There are so many people that will skip steps to save time, or think that they’re not important. If I have put in the time to tell you how to maximize your benefits, please put in the time to help yourself to see the best results possible. As always, you should keep in mind that the use of four (4) wraps on the same body area is what is considered as a full treatment. If you want to target multiple areas (arms, belly, legs, etc.), you WILL need additional boxes for the other areas.


  • Before you do anything else, take some photos of the area or areas that you plan to wrap. You should take pictures so that you have both a front and side view. Also, don’t be shy, ask for help with this is you need to. You should ensure that your pictures are not tilted or skewed and that you don’t have clothing covering the areas you’re looking to wrap. Your pants should be low enough so they don’t cover up your belly, sleeves up off your arms, etc. Trust me, you WILL WANT to look at your before pictures after you wrap. This part isn’t optional. You won’t realize just how much your body changes after taking off the wraps. Once most people look at their before and after pictures side by side, they can’t believe just how much of a change they actually get from using the wraps.
  • Be sure to take a HOT shower just before using the wrap. You need to do this so that you open your pores. When you shower, do NOT use any type of soap or lotion. These products can block the pores and prevent the ingredients in the wraps from being properly absorbed. This is especially true of any soaps that contain moisturizing ingredients. The best recommendation I can make is to simply stand in the shower, allowing the hot water a bit of time to open up your pores. Whatever you do, DO NOT wash the area you’re about to wrap.


  • After you’ve opened your It Works Body Wrap, apply the wrap to the targeted body area, making sure the side with the lotion is against your skin. Once you’ve applied the wrap, you’ll need to keep it in place. This is best done by using the It Works Fab Wrap. If you didn’t purchase the fab wrap, you can also keep it in place using something like an ace bandage or even plastic wrap. Once the wrap has been secured in place, cover it with a tight t-shirt, once piece bathing suit, or something similar.


  • Once you’ve applied your body wrap, you should leave it on for a MINIMUM of 45 minutes up to a MAXIMUM of 8 hours. Most people will typically leave their wrap in place for around 3-4 hours. If you would like, you may also choose to put it on before bed time and sleep in it. If you choose to do this, make sure that you do no keep it on for more than 8 hours.
  • While you’re wearing your body wrap, make sure you drink plenty of water. Usually 1-2 20oz bottles is good. I live in a more arid climate, so I drink a bit more. If you choose to sleep in your wrap, this isn’t a really big deal.


  • Once you remove your wrap, there will be some remaining lotion on your skin where you applied the wrap. DO NOT wipe off the lotion. Instead, you should rub it into your skin until it has been absorbed. Once done, your skill will feel both moist and a little tacky.
  • It’s at this point that you want to take your after photos. You should take your first photos right now, and then take them again every morning for the next three (3) days. As before, you should make sure that your photos are clear, not skewed, and that clothing isn’t covering any parts of your body that need to be seen. As before, get help if you need to. This is often the easiest way to make sure everything is as close as possible in the before and after shots. If you are taking the photos yourself, make sure you use the same angle, distance, lighting, etc., as before. I would also recommend grabbing an app for your phone like Picstitch if you use an iPhone, or Photo Grid if you use Android. These apps make it easy to create a single before and after image from the photos you took.
  • Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. We al know that we should be drinking plenty of water anyway, but the day that you wrap, and everyday for the next 3 days you should be drinking 0.5oz of water for every pound of body weight. This means if you weight 180lb, you should drink 90oz of water. This is 4.5 20oz bottles of water. This is one where you really have no excuses for not doing it. So many times if people say they didn’t see any results, they didn’t drink enough water, plain and simple.
  • Make sure you avoid foods like coffee (including decaf), soda, tea, sugary and/or fatty foods, smoking, and alcohol while using the wraps. You want to let the It Works Body Wraps do their job, don’t fight them by going off and putting massive amounts of junk into your body.
  • DON’T EXERCISE while you’re wearing your body wrap. Don’t even exercise the day you use your wrap. These body wraps are not the type that causes your body to shed excess water weight by sweating it out. Because the lotion needs to get absorbed through your skin, if you begin to sweat, you’re pushing it back out of your skin. Just take a break and let the wrap do its job. If you do exercise, you can pick it back up the day after using your wrap.
  • DON’T BATHE OR SHOWER after you remove your wrap. You want to make sure the botanicals are absorbed well. Postponing to the next day is the best solution to this.


  • YOUR RESULTS! About 95% of people will see results from their first wrap. If you’re one of the few that don’t, I would ask that you read through everything on this page to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Make sure that you use all 4 wraps from your box on the same area of your body before making a decision on whether you had results or not. I see too many people that will use one wrap and then reach out to me saying they didn’t see any results at all. As with everything, please remember that everybody is different. All results and time are dependent on the person, their body time, body chemistry, individual diet, their lifestyle, the amount of junk food they consume, and how quickly (or slowly) their body reacts to the ingredients in the wrap. Some people will see great results after using a single wrap. Others may require using additional wraps before they experience meaningful results. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth noting again that 1 box of wraps, 4 wraps, used on the same area of the body is what’s considered as a full treatment.
  • It has been noted, but smoking can, and often times will, reduce the results that you experience. Ladies, please note that if it’s that time of month, the wraps will not be as effective, and may not appear to work at all, due to water retention. Because of this, please make sure you plan accordingly.
  • Don’t apply another wrap for at least 72 hours. The blend of botanical ingredients in a single wrap will continue to work with your body for 3 days after you use it. During this time, the results will get progressively better. If you have a look at my It Works Body Wraps Results, you’ll see photos that show before and after images that are up to 72 hours later – this is why.
  • I know that you may be anxious to get started and tighten, tone, and firm up areas all over your body, but make sure that you only wrap one area at a time. The wraps are designed to only be applied to a single area at a time. When wrapping smaller areas, such as the arms, you can wrap both at once by cutting your wrap in half. The same can hold true with your legs, depending on size. Do not wrap both your arms and legs at the same time. When using your wraps choose arms, legs, belly, neck individually, not not more than one at a time.