It Works! Body Wraps & Ultimate Body Applicator

The It Works! Body Wrap is a non-woven wraps that has been infused with a formula of botanical ingredients that can be used to tighten, tone, and firm the areas of your body that you want to target the most!

What Are It Works Body Wraps?

The It Works Body Wraps isn’t like any other wraps out there simply because the ingredients that were incorporated into the work. I know this can be a bit shocking. The ingredients contained in the cream used in the wraps attack the junk in the cells that made that muffin top in the first place. Regular use of the body wraps are like having a friend who looks you right in the eye and tells you that the dress you just put on isn’t really working, maybe you should go change. The cream works by attacking and getting rid of that junk jiggling around your body.

How Does That “Junk” Actually Make You Fat?

You have to think of it like this. We all have fat… nod your head, you know you do… I do, we all do. Some of us just have bigger fat globules than others. For those of us that have bigger fat globules, we have it because of the excess ‘junk’ that’s hanging out inside. If you’ve flown, you’ve seen this principle in action… and no I’m not talking about someone trying to stuff themselves into a seat. If you look at people’s bags as they get on the plane, you’re going to see some people that just naturally cram more junk into their bags. As a result, it won’t fit under the seat, it won’t fit into the overhead. What do they do? They can’t carry their bag on board and have to check it, which is kind of like losing the overstuffed bag. In our fatty scenario, this would be like having surgery to shed your own personal excess baggage.

I know you’re sitting there wondering how the wraps fit into this. Well, it’s because when people ‘stuff their bags’ to the point where they can’t hold any more, they and up fat. One of the natural reactions to this is… you got it. You go on a diet. This allows them to decrease the excess ‘junk’ they’re carrying around in their bags. The key here though is not to just stuff the bags back to the point where they no longer fit on the plane again. The passenger must ensure they’re packing only the essentials for their trip. With a lean and well packed bag, everything fits, and traveling is much easier.

But Won’t The ‘Junk’ Come Right Back?

Great question. The short answer is no, not if you stick with it. You see, the It Works Body Wraps acts as an intervention for you to help with the ‘junk’, so there’s no rick of it coming back. It’s not just a warning shot over the bow to the junk. it’s a full on sit down, Italian mob style. Remember that dress that your friend told you looked horrible on you? If she shredded it and tossed it in the dumpster, you wouldn’t go out trying to recover it would you? Gosh I hope not! When you use the body wraps, the ‘junk’ is gently pushed out of the body, along with a lot of other stuff that really shouldn’t be in there either. Grab a glass of water and it’ll help move it on its merry way and the results you’ll see will be that you’re much more skinny after you make a few trips to the bathroom.

Be sure to check out the video below for some additional information on the wraps and to see how they work.