Opportunity & Compensation

When I first got involved with It Works and became a distributor, it was through a co-worker. My husband and I sat down with her and talked over the opportunity, what it really meant, and what the compensation structure looked like. After that discussion, my husband and I decided to seek out more REAL people that were out there working with It Works as a distributor. We wanted to hear from real people, just like us, that had made the decision to go for it and to see how it worked for them.

What we found was really quite incredible. There was lot and lots of other women, just like me, and just like you, that had been able to not only make some extra income on the side, but so many that had really changed their lives forever with the It Works Opportunity.

Can You REALLY Make Money With This?

We’ve all heard that pictures can speak a thousand words. Well, that’s pretty much how I feel about this one.

So, let’s break this down a bit, shall we? Looking at this from a very logical, and conservative, point of view, at a MINIMUM you could earn your $99 back that you make for initial investment. When you sign up as a distributor, you’ll receive over $100 in It Works Body Wraps in your kit that you can sell and break even! Beyond this, the possibilities are really endless – governed only by your desires and willingness to put in a bit of work.You see, once you realize the potential that exists, and that money can literally be pouring in, that’s when things really get GOOD!

My friend, and coworker, who sponsored me didn’t start out to create a full time income with It Works. But, over the course of just under two years, she found that there was a real need for the products she was offering. In that short span, she was able to build her business into one that generated 5 figures per month, every month! At this point, she works only to have something to do and to be around others. See, she’s done what she needed to – she built her business. Because of this, she’s earning residuals every single month!

She’s not the only one that’s been able to achieve this level of success! There are countless others in the it Works family that are now earning a full time income working just a few hours a day from home. There are ladies out there that have been able to quit their jobs, come back home to become a full time mother to their children, all while continuing to provide an additional income stream for their families, and in many cases one that far exceed what they were able to earn in the workforce.

I’ve often heard it said, you can always make more money, but you’ll never get more time! Make sure to make the most of your time and join a business that’s able to provide you with complete and total time freedom to do the things YOU want to do.

Top 5 Reasons To Join It Works!

  1. They Provide A Quality Flagship Product
    It Works! Global produces a market first product called the Ultimate Body Applicator. The applicator tones, firms, and tightens the area where it’s applied! It’s safe, all natural, and most importantly, affordable product for your customers. The company’s name really does say it all – It Works! They also offer a variety of supplements, like It Works Greens, and skincare products that really outshines the competition.
  2. They Are A Debt Free Company
    There aren’t many companies that can make this claim. And especially not in the health and wellness industry! It Works Global believes in this concept so much, they have taken to teaching their teams how to live a debt-free life! They are strong advocates of #DaveRamsey and his message on living well, within your means.
  3. Lasting Friendships
    When you become a distributor and join my team, you’ll meet and make some great new friends! I truly value my friendships and I want to see everyone that works with me become a success. I really believe in the adage that we rise together. You’ll have a very hard time finding another company that values people the way It Works does.
  4. Compensation
    As you’ve seen previously, the compensation can be simply amazing. We are all paid based on not only our individual efforts in selling, but also based on how well we train our teams. There are other companies that are beginning to copy the It Works compensation plan, simply because it’s so great! There are several different ways to earn money – cash, commissions, and bonuses!
  5. This Is Just The Beginning
    It Works Global currently has just over 100,000 distributors around the globe. They’re just getting started. Founded in 2001, they’re not a new company, nor or they a household name – yet! The forward momentum is huge right now. Since there aren’t millions of other reps out there, now is the perfect time to join. Right now you’re being presented with a rather unique opportunity – don’t missing your ONE SHOT and look back on this moment wondering what MAY have been.